Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Rainy Day

As we enter the month of April, the rainy season seems to be coming to an end. However, I've heard that the wet season here often concludes with a crescendo - a crazy amount of rain or a violent storm. 

Unfortunately for many Zambians, the rain this year has not been as good as usual, mainly because it arrived late in the year. The government were also late in providing fertiliser, so many people here are struggling to grow maize, which is the staple food. It's expected that there will be a food shortage later on in the year.

Maize on the plot next to school

I find it quite funny how much Zambians hate the rain. We are definitely more used to it in England! Here, we often see what looks like hundreds of people (perhaps a slight exaggeration) crammed under a shelter, waiting for ages. They are just not keen on going out in the rain, whether it's pouring down or just spitting. However, I suppose it is different because most people here in Kaniki don't have raincoats or umbrellas so they get very wet, with little way to warm up or dry off.

We've also noticed that some children here just don't come to school when it rains. We definitely could not get away with that at home! In their defence, a few of them do walk quite a long way to school, on a route where the dirt tracks or paths are not good, or flood.

Kaniki Extension in the rain

Today was one of just a few days since I've been here, which started with an overcast sky and rained pretty much all morning. We only had 8 children turn up in Grade 1 today! All of my class in Grade 2 arrived minus one of the children and the Zambian teacher that works with us. 

This morning several of the children arrived soaked, wearing only a summer dress or shorts and t-shirt. We found what we could to give them something to change into. Some of the girls in my class spent the day wearing a chitenge (African fabric), my cardigan or my waterproof! They seemed to enjoy the novelty of this.

Keeping warm with porridge, chitenges and my clothes!

So how do you brighten a rainy day in Africa?! We enjoyed singing and even a spot of dancing...

Mumba: "Miss Cross, we want to dance!"

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  1. Love your dancing Ellie! The kids slightly took the limelight though! xx