Saturday, 6 February 2016

Change a life - Sponsor a child

This lovely young lady had a tough start in life. Orphaned at a young age and abused by her stepfather, she was raised by her elder sisters. She lives in Kaniki and fortunately for her, she's sponsored by Arise.

Meeting my sponsor child

This is the girl that I personally sponsor through Arise. My sponsorship pays for her to attend school and get an education that she wouldn't otherwise receive. She absolutely loves school. In fact, she was disappointed last week when she came into the Arise office and found out that due to transport issues she had to wait a few more days to go back to school!

In Arise, we try to consider the individual needs of the children and families that we support. This is why the girl that I sponsor actually lives at an orphanage in another town during term time where she attends school. It means that she can receive counselling to support her in dealing with the childhood trauma that she experienced.

Sponsoring a child can make a real difference to their life

It was amazing to have the opportunity to meet her and see the difference that sponsorship is making in her life. Some years ago I sponsored a 5 year old girl called Mercy through the charity Soapbox, and met her when I travelled to Kenya on a 
short-term mission team. Ironically she was the only child there who was scared of the 'muzungus' (white people), so she actually cried when she met me!

Mercy and her mum

With some children who weren't scared of me!

My sister, Rhi, with her sponsor child Nicholas
(and his friend in the background!)

When I was growing up, we used to sponsor children in other parts of the world as a family. I remember that we had photos of them pinned up on our kitchen noticeboard. At the time, I probably didn't really know how different the child’s life was to mine, or even where the country that they lived in was. However, it did make me aware that there were children who lived in less fortunate circumstances than me. Being linked to a sponsor child in another country can be a great education for children, learning more about the world around us and how different lives can be in countries many miles from our own.

Although many people won't get the chance to meet their sponsor child in person, it can still be both exciting and rewarding to receive a photo of the individual child you are supporting. You can read their school report and hear how they are getting on, seeing what a difference your support is making in their life.

We have many more orphans and vulnerable children needing a sponsor. The scheme costs £25 a month and pays for the sponsor child to attend Kapumpe Christian Primary School. Sponsorship also covers school fees, uniform, books and stationery for the child, as well as porridge at breakfast time and a snack during the school day. Each sponsor child is invited to attend our weekly kids’ club and their family or guardian is visited and supported by Arise volunteers.

If you sponsor a child through Arise, you will receive an email newsletter each school term to update you on Arise and Kapumpe. We will also send you a photograph and some information about your sponsor child, and their school report.

If you would like to change a life and support a child, please visit and complete the form, or email me at We would be delighted to hear from you!

We’ve also put together an information sheet about Arise child sponsorship which you can read below.

Click here to read our Arise Child Sponsorship information sheet

Thank you for your support.

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