Friday, 17 June 2016

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Baluba Valley Farm, which is opposite the Bible College compound where we live, runs a special promotion on chicken every Friday. You can buy one chicken for K30 which works out as just over £2.

The Arise team decided to bless every family supported by the project and buy them a chicken! Most of them struggle to include much protein in their diet so we knew they would be pleased to receive a whole chicken for their family.

One of the boys in Arise carrying his chicken home

It can often be difficult to get a message to all the people supported by Arise, but this time the news seemed to travel fast.

Last Friday lots of people turned up at the farm to collect their chicken. We let them choose between a live chicken or a frozen one. Personally, I would always choose a frozen one, unless I wanted a pet for laying eggs I suppose! However all of the guardians chose a live one. It means they can keep it without a freezer until it's ready to be eaten. Apparently it's also because people like to make the most of it and eat the feet as well!

Chickens in the boot of our car

Delivering a chicken to a family who were unable to collect it

Thank you to everyone who supports Arise in any way, whether through child sponsorship, one off donations or regular contributions. This is the sort of thing that your support enables us to do. Our guardians were extremely appreciative and one of them, Agnes, wanted to say thank you on their behalf. 

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