Thursday, 14 July 2016

Zambia's Natural Beauty

One of the things I love about living in Zambia is the natural beauty that surrounds us here. It helps that most days are bright and sunny, which I think makes everything look a little more glorious. It means we generally spend far more time outside here than in the UK, which lends itself to a more active lifestyle and gives us more time to enjoy the scenery and surroundings.

The rainbow at Victoria Falls

All year round the sun sets between 18.00 and 18.30hrs (we work in 24hr clock here) and it is stunning to see. The bright blue sky gradually fills with rich contrasting oranges and pinks. Photos just don't do it justice!

Sunset in the village

Sunset over the Zambezi

The stars are also amazing here in Kaniki. As the sun sets early and there is little light pollution (particularly during the power cuts!) the stars shine brightly against the black night sky. We can even see Mars and the Milky Way.

One of the seven natural wonders of the world can be found in southern Zambia. Victoria Falls is a huge, powerful water fall with incredible views that attracts many visitors. I have visited the Falls twice which I thoroughly enjoyed. Last year I even went up to the top of the Falls where I swam in Angel’s Pool.
Victoria Falls

Swimming at the top of the Falls

Zambia also has a number of national parks which are great for spotting wild animals on safari. I’ve heard that Zambia’s best game park is South Luangwa in the west of the country, so I hope to make a visit there later in the year. Nsobe is a very small game park near where we live and is my favourite place to go on a day trip from Kaniki because it’s so peaceful.

On safari

Spotting zebra

Another beautiful location for a day trip from Kaniki is Lake Kashiba, otherwise known as Sunken Lake. It’s a bit like a crater lake and no-one knows exactly how deep it is. Apparently it was formed by water causing the limestone to dissolve and form caves, which eventually collapsed leaving the huge and very deep lake. It is great fun swimming in the lake…apart from one time when I saw a snake swimming in it, a little too close for comfort!

Sunken Lake

It’s amazing to be able to experience so many beautiful sights and sounds whilst living out here. Instead of the English fresh air and green fields, I get to experience a different kind of natural beauty - with lots more sunshine!


Eating breakfast in the sunshine

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