Sunday, 5 February 2017

Operation Christmas Bucket 2016: Thank You!

In December, Arise ran their second annual Christmas Bucket Appeal. This year we hoped the Appeal would be able to bless every single family (almost 90 in total!) supported by the project with a gift of essential food and household items stored in a bucket which could then be re-used to collect water.

Some of Arise the guardians with their Christmas gifts

Thanks to the help of everyone who donated to the Appeal, we achieved our target of £700. This enabled us to buy the buckets, their contents and even covered the petrol needed for several trips in to town to buy the items.

Boxes bought from town

Buckets being filled

Naomi with the buckets ready to go

Arise staff Naomi, Agnes and Lister did a great job of purchasing and distributing all of the buckets whilst I was back home in the UK for Christmas. This was quite a mission to organise as some of our Arise families live in rather rural and remote places.

The pastor in Kanfinsa helped to deliver them in his community
Once the buckets were filled, the team spent the time that we would usually spend visiting individual homes in the community, gathering together small groups of guardians to give the buckets to. Every single one of our guardians was really pleased to receive their gift. It was a pleasure to be able to bless them in this way at Christmas time and to remind them of the good news of Jesus.  

A family happy to receive a bucket

On behalf of all the families in the Arise project, a very heartfelt thank you for your support which made this possible.

One of the grateful Arise guardians

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