Thursday, 13 April 2017

Arise Newsletter – Term 1, 2017

As we reach the end of the first school term, we'd like to share some of the key Arise news and events so far from this year. This is also the final newsletter from me before I move back home to the UK. I have already handed over the leadership of Kapumpe Christian Primary School and a separate newsletter for Kapumpe will be published during the holidays so do email me or send me a message on Facebook if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

 Two children who have joined Arise in 2017

This term has had several ups and downs but overall it has been a positive one. We recently welcomed a new Arise volunteer, Joshua, who is also from the UK. Joshua and Naomi, along with our local Zambian volunteers, will lead the Arise project as I return to the UK. It is great to know the work will continue and I look forward to hearing about future developments.

Josh received a warm welcome from the children

You may have gathered that there’s no such thing as a 'typical day' in the Arise office. I was reminded of this one recent Friday morning when we received some sad news. A young man from a family supported by Arise had died during the night. He had been supported by Arise throughout his schooling and in 2015 he completed Grade 12. His grandmother is one of the guardians in the project and his younger brother attends our youth club. Initially we were told that he had been hit by a train, but later it was discovered that he had been murdered and his body discarded at the train track. Sadly he was only in his early twenties. We were subsequently able to visit the family and the funeral house to grieve with and pray for them.

Visiting his relatives on a happier occasion

During the same day we also heard that one of the younger boys supported by Arise was absent from school because he’d been beaten by the police after being caught stealing. 

There are many difficult and complex issues when working in impoverished areas, but there are also many occasions when we hear happier news and see situations that reveal the best in people. Later on during this particular day I led a lecture at the Bible College, sharing about Arise and teaching about God’s heart for the poor. The students were amazed when I shared how Charity, one of our guardians who has struggled enormously with poor health, has made phenomenal progress (I will post an update on her in a later blog post). 

Learning to walk again

You will also see in the newsletter than one of our college students has achieved a nursing diploma. Two young men from the local community are committing their time to running a football club for Arise. And our first microloan small business group is raring to go!

Thank you for all the interest and encouragement that you show in the work of Arise and for the support you have given me during my time here in Zambia.

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