Friday, 23 January 2015

Looking Ahead

‘Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus’

Philippians 3: 12-14

In the busyness of life we don’t often prioritise time to stop and reflect. During the last couple of years I’ve learnt to do this a bit more, particularly in my leadership role at school. I expected that I would have lots more time for it here, observing and pondering life in another culture. It turns out that you can even busy yourself up in the land of the laid back, where people don’t feel the need to multi-task. I learnt today that it is frowned upon to eat whilst walking!

Those that know me well, know that I’m a bit of a night owl and true to form I am up past midnight typing this. I am the queen of procrastination and one of my bad habits is staying up late, depriving myself of sleep. I am determined to change this. Where better to do so than whilst living out in the sticks in Africa?! On a positive note however, once everyone else is asleep I find time to check out my photos and type, which forces me to stop and reflect.

Kaniki, Mufilira Road

The whole of Zambia stopped today. The 20th January 2015 marked an important day here with elections for a new president. Consequently people stopped to vote. In fact, many people must have walked a considerable distance to Kaniki to vote, as the next polling station along from here was in Ndola, 15km away. These elections also meant a random Tuesday off school for me, hooray!

This morning I stopped for just a moment and read the verse above. Coincidentally, the date 20th January also in fact reminds me of the day that my life turned upside down. Three years ago, I was married, living in Winchester, teaching, enjoying holidays and planning a future. Up until that particular evening, when one conversation with my then husband plunged me into utter turmoil. That might sound dramatic but it is how things felt at the time. Many of you know the details as you lived through it with me.

Three years on and much has changed. I am single, living in Africa, teaching in a very different context and pursuing different dreams. However, much more has changed than just the physical differences; I’m a different person now. By the grace of God, not bitter and broken but healed and happy, supported and encouraged by loads of absolutely wonderful people even though they are thousands of miles away.

Missing all these lovely faces as well as many more!

It's time to forget what is behind and look forward to all that is ahead! :-)

Kapumpe School and Arise Project

Enjoying a shawarma en route into town

Braai with the team

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  1. This post really struck me Ellie and I've finally found time to reply - I have the same problem, busy busy! I need to take the advice and slow down. I'm so glad that your life is so full and exciting, it is incredible how God leads us through the darkest places and into places of light we could never even have imagined. xxx