Friday, 16 January 2015

Home and Away

Last night I had four different Skype conversations. It was so great to be able to chat to friends and family, give them a virtual tour of my new digs and tell them about my first few days teaching here (post coming soon on this). Technology really does make the world seem smaller, and I think it makes it easier to stay away from home for longer.

I am loving having the opportunity to get to know new people and learning about a different culture. There’s something refreshing about taking a step back from everything you’re used to, realising that the way that we do things isn’t the only way or necessarily the best.

Naively I expected that I would have loads of free time once I was here but time still seems to get sucked up, just in different ways. Most things often take longer here because things break or just aren't efficient. As a team, we also seem to spend more time chatting and eating together, neither of which I mind! Plunging yourself into such a different context can be quite intense but it also means the focus is on what you’re doing rather than what you’re missing. Perhaps you don’t feel homesick when you’re in the place you feel like you’re meant to be at that time. Or maybe that will come later – we shall see! For now I will make the most of being here whilst also getting to hear tales from home. I do love hearing what people are up to and finding out about ‘normal life’ in England. I think it’s funny that the other Brits here think I sound posh; apparently I have a Winchester twang!

All this being said, it’s a shame to miss key upcoming events like my cousin and his fiancĂ©e’s (also affectionately known as BobCat) wedding (I hope the plans are going well guys!) and my friend Geraldine’s retirement do. Today also marks my wonderful Nan, Hope Cross’s 90th birthday. She is one amazing lady! Anyone who has met her will agree that she is one of the most positive people around, so I am confident that she will be enjoying the family celebrations this weekend. Nan suffers from dementia and probably won’t remember where I am without being reminded, but I am pleased that she seemed to understand what I was coming to do in the moment that I told her. I know she would absolutely adore the children here so I told my class about her and we recorded them singing her a message. It captures a little of their personalities…I hope you enjoy it!

Visiting Nan at Christmas

Message for Nan

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