Sunday, 1 February 2015

Baluba Farm

Mufilira Road
Kaniki on the left, Baluba on the right
(heading into Ndola)

Baluba Valley Farm, named after Baluba River, lies across the road from our base at Kaniki Bible University College. The farm was set up in 1980, a year after the Bible College opened, in order to produce food for the college students and workers here. Today the farm continues to supports the college, financially as well as with food. They also generously donate a huge crate of bananas to the school each week for the children’s snacks.

On Tuesday last week (our day off due for Presidential elections) we invited ourselves to Baluba Farm for a tour

Team on tour



Each of the workers is responsible for a particular plot of bananas

Bananas galore
Banana plant flowering

Last year the farm produced over 500 tonnes of bananas!


(We also saw where they are slaughtered but I didn't take a photo of that!)

Cow shed

Milking time

Calves born in the last couple of days

View of the farm from the other side of the lake (where the monitor lizards live!)

Attempting to climb the water tower!

Those that made it to the top!


  1. Fantastic! Looks like a great farm! Do you buy produce direct from there for yourselves? Chickens look healthy. All the African chicken I ate was always very stringy and not much meat! How you getting on with the food Ellie? x

  2. We do eat chickens from there! It's also where we get our bananas and milk from. Apparently the farm shop also stocks lots of biscuits which is worth knowing, for when we're running low! Food is good, some Zambian and some an African version of English. Cadburys is available in town :-)

  3. This looks amazing Ellie - it looks like you're having such a fabulous time! You look really well and happy xxx