Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Playground

One of the things I love about the children here is that they get so excited about things. This was certainly the case on Friday, when they got to play on the brand new playground at school!

Tabitha swinging away

Alice: "Miss Cross, look at me!"

A team from Denmark, who were visiting (staying at the farm), set up the playground the previous day. They were delighted to see how well it went down with the children! The playground equipment itself was shipped over from Denmark in a container, as most of the other school furniture has been - desks, chairs, mats and much more.

Angel, Victor and Purity (behind the post!), Grade 2

Bernard, Tumello and Chongo, Grade 1

At the end of the day, the children went straight back to playing on the equipment. It was quite hard to get them to go home!

Half term (mid-term break as it is known here) has arrived…phew!

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